Secur-i-Disc has developed the world’s first 100% biodegradable tamper proof tax disc / HGV / PSV and Permit holder.

If you are a company and wish to enquire about either our standard holders, or holders personalised to your individual requirements, please email us at . Sales to the general public will be available shortly.

The Secur-i-Disc ECO HOLDER® has been designed to be environmentally friendly on several levels with greener biodegradable materials used in the manufacture and packaging of the holder and an overall reduction in the use of plastics.

Through careful selection of materials and the replacement of plastic with other materials wherever possible, the Secur-i-Disc ECO HOLDER® (including instructions, inner and outer packaging) is 100% biodegradable (to the nearest 1% by weight)

During our research into sourcing the biodegradable materials used to produce the new Secur-i-Disc ECO HOLDER®, we came across some very interesting facts about the toxic heavy metal content of some plastics used in tax disc holders (usually used in cheap non-EU imports). We decided to have the University of Birmingham analyse some commonly available tax disc holders, along with the Secur-i-Disc ECO HOLDER®, to check for heavy metal content and were astounded by the results.

Click Here to open the full report as a PDF in a new window.

Current EU guidelines for packaging, for example, require the total heavy metal content to be less than 100ppm (parts per million) and EN73-1 requires Lead content to be less than 90ppm and Cadmium to be less than 75ppm. New legislation that came into force in July 2013 has seen these limits reduced to 13.5ppm for Lead and 1.9ppm for Cadmium. With this vast reduction in limits, this only goes to show how seriously the EU treats these toxic heavy metals and their detrimental effect on both the human body and the environment.

Both metals can be used to colour plastic, but lead is also sometimes added to plastic to make it softer and more pliable and as this plastic breaks down (due to exposure to air and sunlight) the heavy metals can be released as a toxic dust which is both colourless and odourless. The human body has no need for lead or cadmium and both metals are highly toxic, especially to children.

The Secur-i-Disc ECO HOLDER® is totally unique:
   Firstly, it is tamper proof. (thereby reducing crime)
   Secondly, it is biodegradable. (thereby helping the environment)
   Thirdly, it is totally free from toxic metals.

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