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Windows XP is end of life on 8th April 2014 - No more security updates or patches from Microsoft!

Click here to read a Microsoft article on the risks of continuing to use XP after April 8th.

Old computer too slow to upgrade and don't want to buy a new computer? - Secur-i-Disc Refurbished Systems with Windows 7 from as little as £99 (+vat)
Dual Core systems from as little as £124 (+vat)

Secur-i-Disc 10 Ton Hard Disc Destroyer

  • Custom designed tool steel bed and unique tool steel crushing cone.
  • Clear safety screen.
  • Destroys a hard disc in less than 30 seconds.
  • Debris falls directly into collection bin - no cleaning up required.
  • Leaves barcodes and serial numbers intact for auditing purposes!
"Wiping" software can leave recoverable data behind.

Drilling holes through the drive leaves the majority of the surface of the disc intact.

The Secur-i-Disc Hard Disc Destroyer distorts the entire surface of the hard disc and makes it impossible to recover information from the disc.

The destroyer comprises:

  • 10 Ton Press
  • Transporter
  • Secure storage / debris collection box
(See pictures below for details.)

Please see for a video of the destroyer in action.

The price for the press is £1599 (plus VAT) and includes free delivery anywhere on the UK Mainland - price to elsewhere in UK / Europe on request.

A nonrefundable deposit of £518.80 is required. The remainder (£1400) is due on delivery. Includes VAT at 20% and a VAT invoice will be issued.

Also available as a complete business package - see the Business Pack Prices page for details.

As of 8th April this year, Microsoft is no longer releasing security updates for Windows XP.

Click Here to read a Microsoft article on the risks of continuing to use XP after April 8th.

This means that there are hundreds of thousands of computers in the UK increasingly vulnerable to viruses and malware that can crash your computer or steal personal information!

This is in addition to the day to day security needs of businesses and the general public throughout the UK.

Secur-i-Disc makes each press individually to order - delivery is approximately 10-14 working days from date of order and payment of deposit.

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